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Amalri Nascimento


AMALRI NASCIMENTO was born in Brejinho City, State of Rio Grande do Norte in 1971. During his years in the Navy, the capital city of Natal became his second home, until he was transferred south to Rio de Janeiro, where he now lives.

He admits he was a "lazy reader" in his teenage years, being impressed most of all by police novels. But in 2006 a co-worker convinced him to participate in a poetry contest, and he entered a poem he had scribbled down on a napkin.

Since then, his poems and short stories have received several awards in Brazil. And, even though he doesn't label himself an artist, some of his paintings have been displayed in a few art galleries as well.

Combining his love for the written word and for impacting images, he also exercises his creativity in a personal blog Vendo além da imagem ["Seeing Beyond the Image."]
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