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Anderson Elias


ANDERSON ELIAS (aka "Sombra Posthuman") is a self-described misanthrope homunculus who lives in the twilight of Rio de Janeiro.

The author graduated in Languages and Literature (Portuguese-English) at the Fluminense Federal University and completed his post-graduate studies in Translations at Gama Filho, when he wrote an article about the translations of “Alice in Wonderland” as the final paper, available in Portuguese.

He started working on book translations at Reader's Digest in 2005 and, two years later, he went on to translate technical texts exclusively.

When he is not working, he practices Krav Maga and writes short stories and poems. He loves fantastic literature and collects graphic novels starring Spider-Man. Sombra is a fan of Augusto dos Anjos, Neil Gaiman and Guimarães Rosa.

In addition to writing, he also spends his free time composing songs and singing. He studied classical singing and was the lead singer of Heartagram, a Him cover band. He is fascinated by tattoos, RPG, and music―especially the industrial metal genre.