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Fabiane Guimarães


FABIANE GUIMARÃES was born in the State of Goiás in 1991 and has been living in Brasília since 2009.

She went to journalism school at the University of Brasília and now divides her time between working as a reporter at the Metro newspaper and writing literary pieces―something she has been doing since she was a teenager. She finds inspiration in the crossroads where the imagery of the modern metropolis and the primitive, mythological inland of her country meet.

Fabiane published her first short story, Laica, as part of an anthology called Beco do Crime [Crime Alley], published by Multifoco in 2008. She was one of the recipients of the Miró Award with Os olhos de Dalila [Delilah’s Eyes], a short story that became part of a collection published by Insula, and is currently in negotiations to publish her first novel, A tristeza dos outros [Other People’s Sadness].