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Marcelo Vinicius


MARCELO VINÍCIUS was born in Feira de Santana, State of Bahia. He graduated in Computer Systems Technology, with emphasis on Internet, because he has always been fascinated by the subject of artificial intelligence. 

Despite his love of technology, he also went into Sciences and Philosophy, completing a coursework in Psychoanalysis. Today, he is back in college to graduate from Nursing school at the Feira de Santana State University (UEFS) and specialize in Psychiatry and Collective Health, so that he can act as a social worker in health care.

As a writer, he published Desafios de uma mente ("Challenges of a Mind" Editora Multifoco, 2011), in addition to writing several articles and poems featured in different collections. He contributes to Jornal Grande Bahia, a well-respected regional newspaper, as well as to several websites.

In his literary work, he is always neutral in portraying 20th-century characters who go through existential conflicts. Therefore, his main subjects include loneliness, paranoia, delusions, anxiety, affliction, and introspection.
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