Careful, It's Hot

Today I heard this story when I was coming over and it reminded me of us. A boy gave a girl a dozen roses, but only eleven of them were real—the other one was made of plastic. His note said, “I'll only stop loving you when the last rose dies.”

While I was walking here, I thought my love for you is like that too... everlasting. I know everything that's been going on between us doesn't really make sense right now, and sometimes it all seems like a big silly thing.

Hey, look me in the eye! I don't like talking to you when you're avoiding me this way. Please, don't put up a wall. There are so many bad things in the world already... We go through so many tough times, so much deception...

But, in you, I found the most beautiful thing in the world. Yeah, I know I said things I shouldn't have said before. I know somehow I humiliated you, but we've known each other for such a long time. You know sometimes I say stuff without really thinking... I was just upset. I know, I know only you could know how much I hurt you.

It's cold here. Let's go inside. I'll make us some hot chocolate. It was winter the first time I held you in my arms, remember? It was at the hotel lobby. It was so beautiful. I thought you were an angel that had just fallen from the sky. Geez, it sounds so cheesy... But what can I say? That's exactly how I felt. I remember your smell too, like flowers. You'll always remind me of flowers.

Do you have some hot cocoa here? Oh, top shelf. Okay. Look, I don't like it when you shed tears of pain like that, all because of me. I like when you cry because you're happy or because I surprised you somehow. I want you to know that I've always loved you in a way, since our very first talk. And I'll keep loving you, even if this is our last time...

That's life, right? Relationships have ups and downs. But, deep down, it's the crisis, it's this chaos that makes us strong. Walking side by side is always a choice we make. And I chose you. I want to keep trying to be happy. If I could go back in time and select some moments in my life and make them last forever, I'm sure I'd choose those I've spent with you.

I know, I'm an idiot. What can I do? I believe in soul mates, past lives... I think we're here for a reason. I'm determined to miss my flight today just to be with you. That's what love is all about: taking care of each other. It's about fighting too. Winning and losing.

Funny thing: I was talking to a friend the other day... Yeah, that's her. I know you don't like her, but she's a good person. Well, she was talking about relationships and things like that. If you're single, you want to be with someone. If you're seeing someone, you want to be free. I don't know... I thought about us. It's crazy and weird, I know, 'cause this is just the opposite of what we have. But somehow we always try to deny it. We want to be free in the world, but we have freedom everyday in the love we share. That's what's liberating and we don't even realize it. It frees us from loneliness and solitude. From a gray world full of war and things that don't matter.

Yeah, I've been having a very pessimistic view of the world lately. There are only a few people that make it worth it for me. I'm sure you feel that way too. I remember all those times you called me in the middle of the night because someone had let you down. Or because you had witnessed something really petty.

Remember that friend of ours? Yeah, that chick. Who would have thought? It reminds me of a B-movie, you know? Talking about movies, I've just watched “Before Sunrise” again. I like that one better. It gives you that feeling that love is possible. When you watch “Before Sunset” you realize things didn't work for them, that something went wrong when they were supposed to meet again and their story would only continue years later...

I don't know if we have all the time in the world, but they say love can wait. Well, mine can't... I want to live our love every day to the fullest.

You're so quiet... I know, you're still hurt. Come here. Give me a hug. That's what's gonna save us, this energy we feel every time we're together, like the very first time.

Oh, I forgot the hot cocoa. Careful, blow on it, 'cause it's hot!

ZUZA ZAPATA is a Brazilian musician, who released his first self-entitled album in April 2009. Among the 12 tracks composed by him, were Poesia em vida [Poetry in Life], Azul ameno [Pale Blue], Ipanema radioativa [Radioactive Ipanema], and Carnaval de luto [Carnival in Mourning], which hit the Brazilian airwaves. 

Among some presentations on stage, he was also invited to play at Money and Revolusom music festivals. In 2011 he went back to the studio to work on a more electric sound.

He is passionate about literature and writes on his own blogs Universo Tranquilo [Calm Universe] and Escrevo e Amo de Pau Duro [I Write and Love With a Hard-on]. For more information on his music and writing, visit his official website.