I Promise I'll Show You Paradise. Are You in?

The pick-up line sounded fake, even to himself. He worried that after a long pause she would say no. “Why not?” Yes! It worked. Why did say yes? Maybe because of his beautiful green eyes? The lavender cologne (all girls liked it)? Or was it his pearly smile, that open honest smile that could bring down any walls girls might have put up? Maybe it was all of the above―it didn't matter anymore.

Now he needed to show her paradise. Honoring his promise was a matter of pride for this successful businessman. He took every commitment seriously. He always kept his word, exactly as he had uttered them. No wonder the business world acknowledged his reliability. His word was worth more than a signed and notarized piece of paper. He never failed. He would never fail. He got everything ready for the big night. That would be a unique night for his chosen one, which only made him more excited.

She wasn't pretty or special, nor was she that bright. She didn't turn heads because of her physical attributes―she was petite, almost plain. She didn't say clever things and probably wouldn't know how to use words to make an impact. She had fun watching other people having fun. She didn't read much, which really narrowed down the list of potential topics for conversation. She didn't listen to much music either and didn't like the news on TV. What's the point? It's only about violence, anyway! I'd rather not know about it.

The encounter with that man who smelled so good was unexpected. Gosh, you scared me! He had come out of nowhere and offered her a glass of orange juice. “I'm sorry it's not beer... I don't drink, so I don't offer alcohol either. But, if you want I can...” She said it was alright. Of course she would rather drink beer, but she told him she would love some juice. 

She didn't even listen to what he was saying, because she was so overwhelmed by the delightful situation. She wanted to seem modern by accepting such an obvious pick-up line, because she had indeed been shown paradise when she saw that man right in front of her, telling her things she couldn't reach and didn't even want to reach. The world could come to an end right there, right now. She wouldn't mind. But he insisted in showing her paradise... later. Who in their right mind would pass on it?

There she was, right on time. She had done everything she could to tame her crazy hair. She wasn't very familiar with makeup stuff and had a little smudge here and there. Maybe he wouldn't even notice it. He... She had forgotten to ask his name, or maybe she didn't pay attention when “he” introduced himself. She could always ask him later. All she wanted now was to hear his raspy voice saying she looked perfect.

She didn't understand why he got a pair of rubber gloves out of a large drawer. Maybe he was used to cooking with gloves on. What a man! Oh God, what a man! He turned up the music, set the table and asked something she didn't hear. He made a sudden move, and she didn't understand why. He got a knife to carve some meat―meat she hadn't seen yet.

Suddenly, there it was: paradise. And she hadn't even been able to stay for dinner... What a shame! But seeing paradise was more important.

Simone Aver is a Portuguese Language teacher. She has always been in love with literature, but only found out she could publish her writings while in college. 

In 2007, she published some poetry―her preferred genre―on her blog Toda Poesia de Simone Aver [All of Simone Aver's Poetry]. A year later, she created a blog for her short stories in Meus Contos, Meus Pontos, Meus Itens [My Stories, My Points, My Items].

This is he favorite poem, which defines who she is:

I'm word
I'm action
A soprano's song
on a glass roof