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Eliane Brum


ELIANE BRUM is a journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker. She has published five nonfiction books and a novel, as well as participating in collections of short stories, essays, and creative nonfiction. 

She received the Jabuti Award for her first book, A vida que ninguém vê [The Life No One Sees], and the Açorianos Award two times for her books, Coluna Prestes: o avesso da lenda [Coluna Prestes: The Legend Inside Out] and A menina quebrada [Broken Girl]. 

In 2011, she published her first novel, Uma duas, which was translated into English by Lucy Greaves in 2014 as “One Two”. 

A reporter since 1988, Eliane has worked for publications such as Zero Hora and Revista Época. Since 2013, she has been writing a bimonthly column for the website of the global newspaper, El País Brasil

She has won more than forty national and international journalism awards, including the United Nations’ Special Press Trophy. She has released two documentary films, Uma história Severina (2005) and Gretchen Filme Estrada (2010), for which she was the codirector and cowriter.