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Felipe Holloway


FELIPE HOLLOWAY was born in 1989 and has been writing since he was seventeen. He didn't finish college and stopped signing up for courses after taking more classes than he can remember.  These days he works in a bookstore, a job that he believes to be just as dangerous for a bibliophile as that of a winemaker is for an alcoholic.  

He's in a “serious relationship” with what he considers to be his first novel. According to him, the novella he published on commission shouldn't count because he hopes any future biographers who might be out there reading this won't go around saying he made his debut with that. Still, now and again he cheats on his novel by spending time on a short story. “She understands,” he ponders. “Otherwise, she would’ve left me long ago.”

About his writing process, he says: “I try to write when those post-brainstorm hangovers―the kind when you reassess a piece you wrote at dawn and that seemed just fine, invariably coming to the conclusion that no, it really wasn’t―allow me to squeeze something through the sieve.”