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Petê Rissatti


PETÊ RISSATTI nasceu em Atibaia, São Paulo, em 29 de outubro, National Book Day in Brazil. It was only natural that he would become interested in books and texts on a variety of subjects―but all of them preferably of a good quality.

He lives in the Capital of São Paulo and has been working in publishing since 1998 as a freelancer copyeditor and reviewer. He started translating book in 2006, and also provides publishers with critical reading reports on books written in English and German.

In 2014, Petê joined Roxo-Forte Produções Editoriais as a translator and partner. It is a group of competent and highly-qualified professionals who provide services to different publishers, advertising agencies, and companies.

He also contributes to Ponte de Letras, a blog about translations that he shares with three other friends and equally-qualified professionals, and writes to Quotidianos, a blog about fantastic fiction.

In addition to contributing to short story collections, in 2012 he published his first book, Réquiem: sonhos proibidos [Requiem: Forbidden Dreams].