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Simone Campos


Simone Campos is a writer, translator and publishing professional. She was 17 as of her literary debut ― a novel called No shopping(2000, “At the Mall”). She contributed to many anthologies until her second novel A feianoite (2006, “Nasty Nights,” due to be released in English as e-book) came out, followed by her on-line sci-fi novel Penados yrebeldes (2007, “Afflicted and Rebellious.”)

Amostragem complexa (2009, “Complex Sample,”) her first short story collection, was completed through a Petrobras Cultural grant. In 2011 she published an interactive book called Owned – um novo jogador(“Owned – a new player,”) which was inspired by the videogame culture and released in digital and paperback formats.

She also draws inspiration from late writer H. P. Lovecraft, with whom she became acquainted in 2009 after he was referred to by (1) Neil Gaiman’s “Fragile Things” and (2) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, a Japanese anime. Lovecraft has been in her life at least since “Nasty Nights.” 

For more information, visit her official website.