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Zuza Zapata


Zuza Zapata is a Brazilian musician, who released his first self-entitled album in April 2009. Among the 12 tracks composed by him, were Poesia em vida [Poetry in Life],Azul ameno [Pale Blue], Ipanema radioativa [Radioactive Ipanema], and Carnaval de luto [Carnival in Mourning], which hit the Brazilian airwaves. 

Among some presentations on stage, he was also invited to play at Money and Revolusom music festivals. In 2011 he went back to the studio to work on a more electric sound.

He is passionate about literature and writes on his own blogs Universo Tranquilo [Calm Universe] and Escrevo e Amo de Pau Duro [I Write and Love With a Hard-on]. For more information on his music and writing, visit his official website.
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