The car accident cost her a leg. A beautiful, well-toned leg that looked like a bronze column supported by a delicate foot. It was gone and left a sense of nostalgia in its place.

After the mourning period, a discreet acceptance settled in and almost warmed her heart. Still, she refused to look at the mutilated area. 

I offered her a tender touch and some comforting words. I wasn't shocked with what she was missing and was astonished by the beauty that remained in her. Soon she felt more confident. I'd help her up, holding her by the hand, and in no time she seemed to be back to her regular life. With a smile on her lips, she was ready for her new leg.

She attached her new leg to the stump that had caused her shame and my beautiful girl was once again a toddler, taking bold steps and swirling around. A few days later, she became more familiar with it and more extravagant in her playfulness.

In one occasion, she had both legs exposed and the shiny metal caught my attention. I was fascinated by its strength and stiffness. The cold touch seduced me and I found myself constantly looking away from her big black eyes and staring at the shiny device.

I became obsessed by it! Instead of running my fingers through her soft black hair, I'd rather touch her where she wasn't herself. I tried to dissimulate my interest, alternating my attention between the steel and the flesh!

After dating for some time, we got married and our love grew old, as did our bodies. However, that one leg was eternal, both due to the care taken with it and the fact that the part could always be replaced. The other leg had changed: wrinkles, spots, varicose veins, stretch marks and cellulite inspired my unconscious repulsion...

Nevertheless, my love was faithful until the very end. No other flesh had attracted me, but I somehow feel I cheated on her, even though my caresses were never reciprocated.

The object of my affection was frigid, rigid, and made of stainless steel.

Anderson Dias was born in Anápolis City, State of Goiás, in 1979. 

He has a technical degree in Accounting from Antesina Santana State School and majored in Fine Arts from the Oswaldo Verano Arts School. He also completed two semesters at a Presbyterian Seminary. 

He currently works as a saddler and enjoys his time off to write down what he daydreams about in the form of chronicles, poems, and short stories published on his blog É comigo? [Are you talking to me?]