I didn’t mind when you turned your back on me, going to the other room and leaving me just standing there. I didn’t mind when you pretended not to listen to my pleas and did all those things then and there. I didn’t mind when you ran down the streets to experience the freedom you never seemed to find under my roof. I didn’t mind when you attacked me with all that anger when you couldn't bottle it in any longer. 

I didn’t mind when you embarrassed me in front of guests. I didn’t mind when you were kicking up a fuss and kept me awake. I didn’t mind when my furniture was broken and my property was violated. I didn’t mind when you didn't leave me enough room under my blanket. I didn’t mind when you took possession of my belongings. I didn’t mind your lack of specific knowledge. I didn’t mind when you got lively when I was feeling fatigued. I didn’t mind when you emotionally blackmailed me over dinner.

I didn’t mind forgetting what it was like to be all by myself. But here comes the day when I look around and can’t feel your presence, I can only feel you're not coming back. Oh, my dear dog, I do mind your absence!

Lorena Leandro is a Brazilian translator and proofreader, who enjoys reading and writing short stories when she finds the time and inspiration. In 2007, she created Crônicas & Agudas [Sharp Chronicles,] a blog to show her own stories to the world. 

Today, she translates more than she writes, but still takes note of pretty amazing ideas, which are begging her to be developed and read by others.

Her main inspirations are Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, and Brazilian authors Clarice Lispector and Machado de Assis. But she’s also inspired by her loved ones, who make her a better person each day.

Her love for writing also led her to create a blog about translation, called Ao Principiante [To Beginners,] devoted to offer relevant information and tips to students and beginners.