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Carolina Alfaro


CAROLINA ALFARO was born in Argentina, but her family moved to São Paulo, Brazil when she was a toddler. She grew up speaking Spanish with her family and Portuguese everywhere else, while learning English since kindergarten. 

During her teenage years, while considering university options, she realized how important translation was to the world and decided that was what she would do. In Rio de Janeiro, she got a B.A. in linguistics and English-Portuguese translation in 1996, followed by a specialization course. She started freelancing while still a student, working in various areas: software localization, literature, film subtitling, corporate materials, art and many others. 

She opened her translation company in Brazil in 2001 and completed a Master’s degree in 2005, also starting to teach translation and film subtitling. She moved to Toronto, Canada in 2007, where she continues to provide translation services in various areas, especially in subtitling and publishing, besides community interpreting, translator training and various community-oriented volunteer projects.