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Elena Langdon


ELENA LANGDON is a bicultural and bilingual professional, American by birth and Brazilian by heart. She spent 13 years in Brazil, and 25 in the United States, at different points in her life. She has been working with languages since she started editing her mother’s non-native Portuguese articles and her students’ non-native English dissertations, and became a full-time translator/interpreter in 2000.

She attends translation and interpreting conferences on a regular basis, and has completed a Master of Arts in Translation Studies, as well as specialization courses in subtitling, interpreting, and multimedia localization, among others. She is certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) in translation from Portuguese into English and manages her own translation business, Acolá Language Solutions.

She lives in western Massachusetts with her husband, their three children, and two Dalmatians. In her spare time, she read, finishes triathlons, explores new places close and far, cooks, and tries to keep the weeds away from her garden.