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Lorena Leandro


Lorena Leandro is a Brazilian translator and proofreader, who enjoys reading and writing short stories when she finds the time and inspiration. In 2007, she created Crônicas & Agudas ("Sharp Chronicles,") a blog that show her own stories to the world. 

Today, she translates more than she writes, but still takes note of pretty amazing ideas, which are begging her to be developed and read by others.

Her main inspirations are Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, and Brazilian authors Clarice Lispector and Machado de Assis. But she’s also inspired by her loved ones, who make her a better person each day.

Her love for writing also led her to create a blog about translation, called Ao Principiante ("To Beginners,") devoted to offer relevant information and tips to students and beginners.
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